Friday, November 14, 2008

Daily Struggles

Today I'm struggling through financial classes (not my cup of tea) and nanowrimo. In fact, I've had to go get several peppermint patty lattes to get through the numbers. Ack! I feel like running from numbers like the bumblebee flying through piano keys in Disney's Fantasia! I think I'll be dreaming them tonight at least.

I think dealing with numbers all week has me thinking in the wrong side of my brain to write effectively. I'm thrilled the class has ended and I can release the pent up tiger of my creativity once again. The poor creativity tiger has been penned for so long he has to get his bearings before basking in his freedom, lol. Talk about frustrating!

I have 5 more chapters to write and then go back and polish 10 of the 17. When I'm all done with that, I'll do one more polish through that should be the last day or two of the month. The problem is liking what I've written in a couple of the chapters. The stories are good, that's not it. I think the problem is that I have a specific message I want to teach and have realized that I need to cut and paste to rearrange a couple of the stories for a better fit in a different chapter. But I so badly want to finish by November 30th, that I am forcing myself to leave them where they are and fix it on the polish stage.

I don't think I'm actually a perfectionist, but oh my goodness! It's like staring at something that's out of place or a picture frame tilted just a tad off. I have to turn my back to the portrait and paint the rest of the room and then rehang all the pictures to decorate with a flourish. Otherwise, I think I'd be constantly worrying that little bit to death and never finishing the rest.

Thinking about my love for words and dislike of numbers, I know other people run from letters and words the way I want to escape dealing with algebra and 5 Year Forecasts. Thank God he made us all differently. I'd say I wish I liked numbers more, but then I think it would change me to the core of my being.

Nope. I like writing and coaching/mentoring.

Are you a numbers or a letters kind of person?
You can even tell me if you are a hybrid. I'll be jealous ;-)

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