Saturday, October 25, 2008

FIREPROOF the movie-a review

Talk about a sold out crowd! One of our local businesses pre-purchased 1,000 tickets for the weekend. The ticket sales went so well that the theater chose to hold over the movie for another week! Obviously a successful showing. But what drew the crowd? Why did this movie sell out several shows way in advance?

FIREPROOF surprised me. Not because it was a good movie, I'd heard that from several people. But because it melded real life relatable issues with tons of humor. Honestly, I had no inkling that it would be so full of humor. I had a great time!

We laughed through the whole thing. Sometimes a giggle, others a knowing smile and then, uh huh, outright guffaws at the differences of men and women, the funny happenings in male relationships and how we speak different languages while speaking English to one another.

Twice, I felt heart-pounding tension. (Can't tell you where or I'll spoil it.)

A few times I noticed stilted acting in both verbal and physical ways. But the story and humor was so good it was easy to overlook. I noticed a couple of things that the director could have easily corrected. Distance and timing. The actors playing husbands and wives stand or sit too far apart-that's what I mean by distance.

Why does this matter? Because in real life relationships, people who are intimate and familiar with one another are not afraid of each other's space. It distracted me a few times, but almost immediately, an awesome moment of levity drew me right back in with laughter.

Timing: The camera stays about one second too long, too often, on the actors. The natural flow of the film would draw us through with a higher paced tension without the pregnant pauses. One scene that has great timing is the conversations that the men are having at the same time as the women. You'll understand when you see it. It's really very well done. I'd like to see the director aware of that snappy timing in every scene.

All that said, I'd see this movie again!


The story. Absolutely the story!

I loved Mr. Rudolph. And watch for Mrs. Rudolph's perfect one-liner. That timing is impeccable. It takes a line we've all said and uses it exactly at the right time. The entire audience hooted!

I also loved the scenes at the fire station. The rookie adds so much fun in how the other guys continue to initiate him into the life of a fireman. It's totally what men do. (Having 3 sons and a hubby and 3 brothers...having been in youth ministry with teens...having worked in a male dominated HVAC's so what guys do.)

There is a good message throughout the movie. It's good because it shows some of the most common problems we face in marriage these days. It's good because we can laugh, roll our eyes as we recognize ourselves--or our spouses, lol, and connect to these characters doing, saying, feeling what we feel.

One other thing, I love that people outside of Hollywood are taking the chance to live and create a dream. I love that it's people being creative together and touching our entire country by NOT following the way it's always done. It's encouraging to follow your own dream by making your own path when examples like FIREPROOF happen. It reminds me of my favorite quote from George Bernard Shaw. "You see things and say, Why? But I dream things that never were and say, Why Not?"

Is it perfect, no. But is it worth seeing? Yes. Go!

A great story, great effort, and a successful project done on a small budget.

I really hope these folks continue their creativity and teamwork. I wonder how long it will take before the media "get" what draws a crowd. I really wonder.

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