Friday, September 12, 2008

Writing Retreats

A dream. Yes, a dream. I've heard other writers talking about this or that time spent for 2-3 days away from everything.

A dream. Yes, a dream. Do these things really happen? Writers get together and--write?

I've been hoping for this opportunity for years. My friends go to the beach, a hotel or any other place to get away from work and responsibilities. The focus is only the current project.

Such a beautiful thing, a retreat.

We picked certain topics of interest to the whole group. At this point I think we have around 6 going. We take in everything we need for the weekend and allow no interruptions unless they are preplanned or dire emergency.

We can eat meals together or leave it warming if someone is on a roll :-)

Then in the evenings, we can choose to join the group and share what we've written or just brainstorm for characters and plot points.

The whole idea is to get down on paper or computer, all that is in your head or to preen that which is already in rough.

Food, sure. Laughter, sure. People who "get" what you are trying to accomplish? Priceless.

And if we get to enjoy a hike and stare at God's creation for inspiration, well, I can't help the torture.

Since this is my first, and the fulfillment of a dream, I'll have to fill you in after the retreat next month how it goes.

Maybe you'd like to give me some tips on how to make a writing retreat the most successful or the best thing you like about a retreat?

By all means, please share :-)

PS Another goal I have is to attend the Mt. Hermon conference. My little brain is ticking on how to make it happen this next year. I'm on a roll, why stop at a retreat?
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