Monday, September 29, 2008

NAMI Walk Montana 5 K

Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger and Mrs. Bohlinger. (Oh yes, and me.)

Look who I had the pleasure of meeting at the National Alliance on Mental Illness 5K Walk on Sunday, Sep 28th! What an honor to meet not only Montana's Lt. Governor, but also his lovely wife.

(I had the pleasure of meeting them in my pre-Mrs. Missoula America 2008 days. It was a much more solemn occasion. One of our young Montanans had given his life over in Iraq. Our Lt. Governor and Governor attended the life celebration of Andrew Bedard.)

One of the things I highly respect about this man is his commitment to the people. He shows up. He shows up often to support the people he represents. Thank you, Lt. Governor Bohlinger, for being a part of the people you work for.

We have an unusual mix here in Montana. We have a Democratic Governor and a Republican Lt. Governor. Yes, I'm sure they must agree on quite a few things, but to have a cross of parties is still highly unusual. And where else but Montana to try something new like this? We're such a diverse population.

I had a great time today walking in the NAMI 5K to raise awareness for this great cause. It's all about building relationships and education. What better thing to do while exercising? There are so many causes to get out and support while supporting your own health. I'm liking this idea :-)

I love that so many people really care. I'll be uploading more photos over the next week or so to share a little more about the NAMI Walk. I was amazed to learn that 74 walks were going on around the country in support of NAMI and that includes 100,000 walkers! Whoo hoo.

Did you know that many people cared and/or are affected by a connection to someone with mental illness? This is only the people who could clear their schedule on a given day. What would happen if these walks had EVERYONE affected walking? My brain is boggled just thinking about those mathematical possibilities. (Okay, you have to know that even though I own a business, I've never-ever liked math, lol. I just do it because I have to-and never without a calculator!)

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