Saturday, August 16, 2008

Montana Romance Writers

(Angie, Rachel Whitney, Pam Morris, and Gail Ranstrom.) We took this as a self photo on my camera. We had lots of laughter because no matter how I held it, I couldn't get everyone at the same time.

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to meet with our newly formed chapter of Romance Writers of America here in Montana. Since we are spread all over the state, we don't get to meet as often as we'd like.

We stopped for tea at Chris' Tea Cottage (real English style tea with scones and goodies) and then met the other ladies.

Our group thought we'd meet for about 2 hours, though none of us put a deadline on it.

Get writers together that don't have many writers around and- - - we just don't leave!

Five and a half hours later, lol, we broke so those of us with a long drive back from Bigfork could get going at a reasonable time.

Trust me, we didn't want to break. We were giddy, to use another lady's words:-)

We've started a new blog for the Montana Romance Writers. If you are up in Montana and want more information about how to join, please visit us there. Our next meeting is on Sep 13th in Missoula. We're trying for once a month.

I'm so excited for October's. I've never been to a writer's retreat. We're planning a writer's retreat!!!

I have such a great feeling about this group. We're all over the board in genres, but everyone is so supportive of the others. Awesome tips, critique, and courtesy toward each other. I'm blessed to be a member.

I really believe that we continue to grow because we allow others to help us grow AND we help others do the same. I feel like my life is richer because of the friends that run this race with me.

What kinds of groups do you belong to? Are they hobbies, work, community service?

How do they enrich your life?

Here's a listing of blog groups I belong to:

Writing by faith-Faith Girls
This group has 6 authors in various stages of the publication dance.

Montana Romance Writers
A bunch (at least 20) Montana writers that just formed and are growing!

Writer's Rest
A rotating group of anywhere from 6-12 writers from all over the U.S. and internationally blended from the American Christian Fiction Writers.

From Romance Writers of America to American Christian Fiction Writers, I continue to grow as a writer and as a person. Both of these major groups combined have around 15,000 people. All these people work together in so many ways. Classes, conferences, online loops, expertise in all walks of life, and support.

I can't imagine life without these friends, companions, teachers and pace setters.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be involved in such an awesome way of life. That's what writing is you know. Some get published, some don't. But if you write, it is because you make room for it in your life. Just like keeping fit or practicing a talent, it's a way of life you choose.

What is your Way of Life? How do you live out your goals every day?

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