Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Come Walk With Me on Sep 28th! NAMI Walk in Helena, MT

In keeping with the book review I did yesterday, I want to invite everyone on an adventure with me. I mentioned a few days ago that I am joining the NAMI Walk. I'll announce more details on the radio Thursday, 8/28/08 (this week) on 104.5 FM approximately 8:43ish a.m. :-) It depends on the time the song ends. Let me know if you get to listen! I love feedback.

Anyway, you are the first to know that I have followed through and set up my walk page and team. So I'll be team captain as Mrs. Missoula. I'm thinking this is a perfect community service project to go out with. My reign ends on October 1st. Yes, I can sign up to do it again, but we'll have to see where the Lord nudges me. Right now, He's nudging me to finish my book, Insanity Rules and walk 5K for NAMI on Sep 28th.

I'd love to have you join me! So here are the details. Feel free to ask me questions too.

One I'll answer right off the bat: Why am I doing it? Because my mom was a paranoid schizophrenic and I want to raise awareness for supporting families of the mentally ill. I also want to raise awareness for the needs and struggles that families and mentally ill patients experience. To me, I can make a difference in the world even if it is a very small one. This is as much of a mission as my kids went on to Africa for 2 months. Anyone reaching out beyond themselves is in mission to others. Besides, it's going to be a beautiful day to get some exercise! And what if it rains? LOL, I have the perfect butterfly umbrella and a heart full of laughter. We might even have to splash in a few puddles. I kind of hope it does rain ;-D But that time of year in Montana is my very favorite. It's always gorgeous!

So how about it? Want to come play?

Event Details:
Walk site: NAMI Montana
Location: Memorial Park
Helena, MT
Date: September 28, 2008
Check in: 11:00 am
Start time: 1:00 pm

Walker Details:

Walker Name: Angela Breidenbach
Team: Mrs. Missoula 2008
Team Page: www.nami.org/namiwalks08/MON/MrsMissoula2008
NAMI Affiliate: NAMI Missoula

Each walker for National Alliance for Mental Illness gets their own Walker Page to help them raise funds for NAMI:

My Walker Web address: www.nami.org/namiwalks08/MON/MrsMissoula2008Angie

This is the link to my personal fundraising page that I can distribute to friends, family and co-workers so they can make online donations to sponsor me.

If you'd like to join my walking team just click here or form your own, visit www.nami.org

What To Do Now:

For Walkers:

Click the link above to your Walker page and be the first to sponsor yourself with an online donation.
Check your e-mail for the message which is on its way to you now called "NAMIWALKS Fundraising Link and Sample Letter". This contains a customized sample letter template that you can use in your fundraising campaign. You can also view this sample letter anytime through the myNAMI section of this site.

Write letters or e-mails to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others in your community telling them about your participation in NAMIWALKS and inviting them to sponsor you. Use the sample letter from the e-mail as a basis, or compose one of your own. Include the link to your Walker page so they may sponsor you online.

Each time someone uses the link you send to make an online donation, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail, and their donation will be listed on your personal page and be counted toward your goal.

Once the walk is over, all funds given online via your link will be automatically disbursed to the appropriate Walk site and affiliate. There is nothing more you need to do.

You can view a report of all your online donations at any time from the myNAMI section of this site.

Thank you for considering walking with me and for donating to such a great cause if you have the ability at all.

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