Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Is it summer yet in Montana?

Oh yeah! Hot days call for a cold, icy drink.

So I'm sharing with you the best smoothie place in Missoula, The Tropical Smoothie Cafe! It's on Reserve St and Spurgin.

You can add all sorts of things to your smoothie from the newly recognized super-fruits to the strawberry standard, but my favorite always has mangos even if it is any other fruit! I can even have mine made with Splenda to lower the sugar content. (I also add a fat burning booster and/or a scoop of protein.)

Of course, there are wraps of all sorts and kinds for lunch or dinner. My favorite includes crunchy won ton noodles, mango habanero sauce and chicken. Yummy and served by very friendly staff:-D

If you are just passing through Missoula, MT or you're a local who'd like a fun new lunch spot...I suggest the Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Tell them Mrs. Missoula sent you ;-D

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