Friday, July 04, 2008

Announcing 2 awesome things from yesterday !!!

The first is that my sponsor, Michael Sciallaba of Strength Advantage, did a final body fat measurement. Our goal was to lower my body fat from 21+% to 18% for a healthier body long term and for the Mrs. Montana America Pageant.

I jumped up and down because not only did we meet that goal, but we surpassed it. I'm at 17.8% body fat! This means I'm on the lean side, but that I've built up my muscle. The better muscle tone and strength I have, the less I have to worry about diabetes and heart disease as well as bone loss.

This was/is very important to me because I don't want to experience the horrible health challenges my parents have had to deal with as they aged. I also want to inspire my children and those that come after me to live healthier. I dream that we can leave a lasting habit down the generations and reverse the diabetes and heart problems.

So today I celebrated by dancing in my fitness trainer's office and "whoo hoo-ing" so loudly that people stopped to laugh with me later.

The second really cool thing was going to the Osprey Baseball Game tonight. It's a fun family activity. We thought we'd see the game and the promised fireworks afterward. But even better than that, I saw my very first commercial on the multi-media screen in front of a full stadium! Talk about stunned! I didn't know the commercial would show there and I didn't think it would be out until the end of the summer. I just made it a few weeks ago!

My first commercial :-) It's for First Security Bank.

If you'd like to see it, click here.

So for such a busy day, I had some awesome highlights.

What has been a highlight of your day lately? Please share.

PS Happy Independence Day!!!!
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