Tuesday, July 08, 2008

On My Way to Mrs. Montana

Wow! Time has flown by so quickly! Today is the last day for preparing to go to the Mrs. Montana America pageant. I will be heading over to Billings, MT tomorrow for the whole weekend.

If you're not familiar with this particular pageant, it has 3 main parts:
50% Interview
25% Swimsuit/fitness
25% Evening Gown/Poise & professionalism

The purpose of the Mrs. America system is to celebrate the success, contribution, & beauty of the married woman. I love the focus on women's cancer issues and the National Anthem Project.

I'll be taking my laptop and try to do some reporting from the hotseat at the competition:-) So stay tuned and I'll let you know what happens soon.

Here's the line up:

Thursday arrive for Welcome/Orientation Party (can't wait to meet everyone!)
Friday rehearsal all day
Friday night are the interviews
Saturday rehearse all day
Saturday night the pageant finale: Held at the Petro Theater in Petro Residence Hall at MSU 7p.m.
Sunday celebrate the results and Mrs. Montana photo shoot

So if you're in Billings, MT and would like to attend, the tickets are available at the door. They are $30 and the event is a dress up event:-)

Here we go!!!
Thanks for traveling with me through this adventure the last several months.

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