Monday, July 21, 2008

Book Reviews

Well, it's been a few days. Sorry about that! I had to get over bronchitis of all things!

After the Mrs. Montana pageant, I went to visit the doc. I don't have stage fright and couldn't figure out why my chest felt so tight throughout the competition. Lots of struggles for deep breathing. Too weird for me, that's for sure, when I sing in front of hundreds regularly.

Last Tuesday I couldn't get much air at all. I've been on antibiotics and rest this week. Whew! I'm starting to kick this bug.

In the meantime, I've noticed that one of the things I love to do is review books. You'll see more of that coming up.

I'm debating about finishing Insanity Rules (non-fiction) and then moving back into my fiction novel that won first place last year. That novel needs a good rough out and then revision.

Book reviews give me excellent practice in story telling and the entertainment factor of a story. The non-fiction books also help me understand the concept of expressing a helpful message. I really like Dr. Gary Chapman's style. He's conversational and interesting. The formula he uses to write non-fiction is easily absorbed and empowering as well.

Now I believe I've become a student of my craft. Before I just "attended class" :-) I was so overwhelmed by the mountain I had to learn! Just try writing and you'll see what I mean. There are more questions than time in the day! Sometimes you have to take a break and just let it all soak in a while.

Then one day, you are doing your normal chores and--ZING! It sticks. Things start to gel in your head. You can't wait to put it down on paper (computer screen.)

One of the things I'd like to do in the future is find out what I could teach others. I'd like to write both fiction and non-fiction, but I want it to be something that enriches the lives of the people who read it. Like Gary Chapman and Francine Rivers reach deep into your soul through the words they write. I want to do that and then be able to teach and speak about it also.

I don't know how common it is to love public speaking, but I know how common it is to hate it:-D I happen to love it. I love connecting with other people, seeing the light bulb go off, or later hearing how they made a new decision to grow. I LOVE that.

I believe book reviews are excellent for both author and reader alike, but I think they are quite a gift for the aspiring writer/speaker to use as a classroom too.

Book Reviews are going to be a regular part of my blog. One thing I do need for storage purpose, though, is to delete once they've run the course. So books will be up for several months, but most likely gone after 4-6 months to make room for new ones. I hope you won't mind.

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