Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wedding photos for those who missed it.

The really happy groom:-D

Here is my oldest with me moments before his vows.

The exchange of rings! Doesn't she look beautiful in a white Sleeping Beauty styled dress?

And moments after he took his vows! Wow, it was such a gorgeous ceremony.

This in my pretty daughter as a bridesmaid. I think she was surprised at how many people thought she was so beautiful!

Check out this cool idea! The bride's mom is just so creative. She saw this on T.V. years ago and recreated it. Both the bride and the groom had photos of them growing up tucked in between criss-crossed ribbons. No holes or tape in the photos. Loved this idea! I had a hard time helping with the decorating for the reception because I was reliving my son's life!

How would you like to have an ice cream cake for your wedding? It's kept cold with dry ice inside a plexiglass box. You take it off 15 minutes or so before cutting the cake.

This lovely confection was made by Cold Stone Ice Cream Company. It sits on a plastic rack above the dry ice.

Well, 2 sons married and only one kiddo left at home. Holy Cow! Life moves so quickly. I am loving every breath, every moment, every chance to make this life great! The kids had sparklers for the guests as they ran to the car. Life is kind of like that too. It takes a second to get started, blazes hot and sparkles, and then sputters out. I'm glad that after the sputter, I have something even better to look forward to with Christ in Heaven. I don't think I could handle this roller coaster life without knowing there's a terrific prize at the end!

Thanks for sharing a moment of my happiness today,
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