Sunday, June 01, 2008

Simple & Elegant Strawberry Short Cake

I have a fun 4 ingredient cookbook that uses really simple ingredients. Nope, this one's not in it. I'm sure other people have figured out my trick to a fast & pretty treat, but just in case...

I have a 4 Tier Tea Tray that I bought at Costco over Christmas. It swings into lots of different display styles.

Now for the simple fun:

-Slice strawberries and sprinkle with sugar, stir, and set aside for sugar to dissolve.
-Add angel food cakes from any bakery on each layer of tier trays.
-Fill the center of each angel food cake with sliced strawberries.
-Now for the fun...Dollop (yes, that's right, too cool of a word not to use, lol) 3-4 tubs of whip cream all over each cake.
-Cover the sides and swirl down the tiers in a waterfall of whip cream.
-Now take your sliced strawberries and gently top each cake and gently drop several spoonfuls down the cream from cake to cake.
-Oh no, you are not done until you swirl dark chocolate syrup around each cake and down the strawberry cream waterfall.
-Now top each cake with one huge whole strawberry.
-Of course if you feel like dipping those huge strawberries in chocolate first, it could be awesome.
-Voila! You have a fun, elegant & simple cake that takes you about 20 minutes.

Psst: I found out from a really smart guest that it's easiest to cut an angel food cake with an electric knife so as not to smush the confection. Another thing that works well is a bread knife instead of a cake knife. The serrated edge saws through the cake instead of pushing down on it and scrunching it into the plate.
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