Tuesday, May 27, 2008

She Graduated!

We had a really fun graduation party at our house on Monday. My daughter spent the last year in Thailand on an international exchange. Her public high school refused to let her walk in the graduation because the last two credits came from an international school instead. Sad, but we got creative!!!

Here is my beautiful new graduate. We actually held a ceremony at home. Her principal from the international school came to the party and gave her a formal presentation of her diploma. It was truly a wonderful experience.

We combined the colors of all the high schools she attended in the stole from our pastor at church. We must have had around 30 people. And we all sang the march tune as she came down the stairs and paraded to her chair. Then we all gave her both serious and humorous advice on how to get into college, survive at school, get a good job, and move into the adult world successfully.

After lots of laughter, her principal asked the Class of 2008 to stand. Then he called the class alphabetically, lol.

It was totally fun. The last thing we did before cutting the cake...we sang her retreat to the tune of Smurfs! We all rolled with laughter as she got into the fun and games. Since a lot of the advice had to do with Smurfs taking over campus to help her get into college while she ate spaghettios to financially survive, the impromptu Smurfy theme totally fit. I don't think we'll ever forget that day and the joy everyone threw into it to celebrate her accomplishments.

I really hope she enjoyed the party and presentation. She had several nice gifts, her favorite chocolate eclairs, and lots of family and friends to love on her.

So when things don't go as you expect, make them better! No bland cookie cutter graduation day here.

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