Sunday, May 18, 2008

What is it like way over there in Thailand?

The hotel in Cha'Am, Thailand has an open air lobby and restaurant. Absolutely sparkling and gorgeous!

Hotels are comfortable and most we stayed in had huge breakfast buffets in every hotel restaurant.

The eggs and fruits were always shaped into hearts, flowers, and circles. Enticing presentation!

The fruits were sweet and plentiful.

The cost was minimal compared to vacations in the U.S., Mexico or Hawaii. In fact, they ranged from around $45 for 3 people, pools, full breakfasts, fitness rooms (although I will admit to not having the time to use the fitness room.)

Twin beds are the norm, but in Bangkok, we did have a full. If you are planning to take several people, there are usually 3 person limits on rooms in Thailand.

A little rumpled, but I had to show you this awesome set of headboards. All 4 of the hotels were unique.

Here's another gorgeous room.

Okay, you caught's not in a hotel. This is a Thai massage room. And that is the subject of my next post ;-)
Don't miss it!
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