Saturday, May 17, 2008

What do you suppose is in this little hut?
No imagination? ;-D

So even though I've camped in the woods, lol, squat (yes, squat) toilets are just not the same thing! It's crucial that you carry your own tissue and know how to flush. [As I blush...] The little cistern beside the toilet is full of fresh water. The little bucket is used for filling with fresh water and dumping down the drain to flush. Most definitely different than plumbing in the U.S.

And in case you are worried about visiting Thailand, Western bathrooms are quite common in tourist hotels, malls, restaurants, and upscale areas. However, I don't think opening mirrored doors above the bathtub into the bedroom is quite normal. Cool, but unique.

For an unusual experience, from elephants to- well- common everyday surprises--you so have to visit Thailand!

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