Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Trying New Things

This week I have tried a few new things. And I've learned some I like, some I need to work hard doing, and some I have more to learn about.

Weight Watchers suggests you add movement to your day. Walking is the first choice for a lot of people. After a bit, the same thing gets a little old. When it does, it's time to shake it up. Here's what I did yesterday.

I tried Kick Boxing last night. I liked it and will try it again next week. The most positive thing from this class is that I had no idea what it would be like and I still did not feel way out of place. I didn't have the right equipment (this would be a pair of gloves or a knuckle wrap.) The instructor had a spare pair, but I'd taken mittens just in case :-)

I have to admit going to kick boxing for the first time ever was scary. However, those nerves disappeared very quickly. I'm really glad I took a large bottle of water! Nothing was too terribly complicated and if it was harder for me, I just did the best I could. It was good enough to keep moving at the high pace.

Some ladies had other health or physical concerns. They modified the movements and kept jabbing away! They inspired me so much!

My legs may have been a little awkward, but man am I proud that I tried something new! That's how to stay young! Keep opening your mind and life to new experiences. If you don't like to exercise, try something you would never normally do. You'll be surprised at the fun you can have exploring. I never thought I'd be interested in kick boxing. I had a blast!

I tried to add feedblitz to my blog. I'm not sure if it works for anyone yet :-) We'll see. I think I have to work hard to understand how all this widgets and gadgets work.

I also tried Jamaican Jerk seasoning as a rub on a London broil. Then I grilled it on the barbecue. I liked it, but my hubby wasn't too impressed.

What new things have you tried?

If no new things, is it time to consider some?

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