Wednesday, March 05, 2008

News, News, News

I'm thrilled to announce my new sponsor, Strength Advantage.

Michael Sciallaba is a physical fitness trainer and body builder here in Missoula. He's going to help me get ready for the Mrs. Montana and Mrs. America pageants.

I love the ability to work with him because he is so inspiring! He has competed in body building, yes, but he's got such a great personal story!

Anyhoo, I start working out with him tomorrow afternoon to get in shape again. I've let the workouts go as I struggled through some really busy issues lately. I think that's okay for a short time. But then I have to get right back at it.

So here I go...I'll be lifting weights, working on a balance ball, and doing my favorite pilates. I also love walking in our mountains with my dogs. It's so gorgeous in Montana, especially when the sun is shining!

Is there something like exercise you've been putting off? What would it take to make a date with yourself or a friend to start?

What would it look like a month from now or 3 months to have a little bit better handle on your health?

PS I'm going to be a grandma!!!
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