Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nana's Bible Stories

Now this is a treat. Since I'm going to be a grandma next fall, I am so excited that I have this book. I think the stories will be a very warm addition to my grandparenthood:-) Enjoy this interview with the author of Nana's Bible Stories, Roberta Simpson.

Angie: Hi Roberta, I'm thrilled to be visiting with you today.

Roberta: It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to share some of my personal thoughts and experiences as a new author with you, Angie, and the God Uses Broken Vessels readers. I am so blessed to see the work you are doing to help and encourage each other!

There are so many gifts lying dormant in the lives of women—just waiting to be discovered or understood. I pray not only that my book, Nana’s Bible Stories will be encouraging to the children in your life—but, also that my personal story will be of encouragement to many of you as you pursue your calling.

Angie: Why did you decide to begin a career at the age of 70?

Roberta: I was not looking for a career! I thought that raising 5 children, and being a stay at home mom was career enough! It was as if the “career” found me! It is so exciting, and I love the changes that are happening due to this new career.

I loved being a mother, and one that was able to stay at home. (Actually, it would have been very difficult to find someone to look after five kids!) Although, there were times I would have just loved to shut my eyes, shut my ears and hide for several hours! But really, I would do it all over again. I am so grateful to my husband for letting me be a “stay at home” mom!

God chose for us to be mothers, and what a wonderful joy it is to have children, no matter how harassed we are or how tired we become. We are raising little armies for Jesus! And how wonderful it is that God continues to use us long after our children are grown!

Angie: I love that especially as I'm beginning my Empty Nest journey! I think it's crucial that people realize that the different times of life allow you to live out another part of your dreams and goals. They don't end just because something comes to a close. It's just time for the next dream. Roberta, you are a Jewish believer. Do you think your Jewish heritage played a role in the telling of Nana’s Bible Stories?

Roberta: Yes, yes, absolutely yes! I always look on the Bible as a Jewish book to begin with. However, my love for Israel and the Jewish people is a big help. I have been to Israel too many times to count, and am in touch with the people and the culture. The land is exquisite, and when I am writing stories, I can picture the people, and the place in which the story takes place.

I do believe that often, we forget Jesus was Jewish, and many things He said and the content of the stories He told were very Jewish.

I have worked closely with the illustrator, Susan Mitchell, who was wonderful illustrator for my book. It was great fun inspiring her with pictures and describing the people as she brought Israel to life through her illustrations. I think she did a great job, in color and characters!

Angie: Now for another fascinating aspect of your life. You are “Lady” Roberta Simpson. How did you receive that title?

Roberta: Actually, I did not receive the title. My husband received a title and was knighted. As a result he is titled Sir Kyffin Simpson, and I am Lady Simpson.

Angie: Do you think we ever become too old for God to use us? Are we supposed to retire and sit on a porch?

Roberta: Absolutely not, not, not! As long as we have breath we can be used. As long as our heart is ticking, we can move out of our comfort zone! Even if bad health or accidents get in our way, we can pray, pray, pray!

Angie: Okay, let's go there. What words of encouragement would you give to other women who have been stay at home moms, but now have the time and want to use their gifts and talents to start a career or business?

Roberta: Well, first of all, it is never too late. So I say to all you wonderful moms, go girl, go! I say God has placed wonderful gifts inside of you, which some of you may or may not be aware.

I did not know I had books inside of me! So I know God will take some of you by surprise. He will take you on a great adventure! Some of you know already what you want to do, and have obvious gifts that others can see.

Just give your life over to Him in a new way, and ask Him how to proceed in your new career. He will answer you!

Thank you for allowing me to share a part of my life and calling with you. If you would like to learn more about me or my book, please go to You may download one of my favorite stories, The Butterfly and the Cross—the story of the crucifixion as told through the gentle and tender eyes of a butterfly. I have also included a special devotional for the story which you may share with your children this Easter season. Cuddle up with a child and enjoy!

Angie: Thank you! And one thing I'd like to point out--this is the perfect type of book to use to start little ones on a daily devotional. Remember to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. We can't wait until they are teens to mention daily time in the Word. It needs to start very young so that we can instill a love and joy of reading Bible stories.

One other tidbit, there's a fun CD included in the book as kids love to hear and read along.

See you next time:-)
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