Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mrs. Missoula meets Monte, the U of M mascot

Monte, our University of Montana mascot, and me at Paul's Pancake Parlor last Saturday. I'd promised Tom and J.J. of 104.5 KVVU radio to let Monte wear my tiara.

Angie and a new friend:-D

We had so much fun. Monte went around spraying whip cream out of a can into people's mouths. Yep, I got Monteed;-) He had everyone giggling, including me with a mouthful of whip cream!

Our purpose there was to help raise funds for the Jadyn Fred Foundation. Paul's Pancake Parlor donated a portion of the proceeds from that day toward the assistance of children with cancer.

You might wonder why these kids need donations. Isn't insurance covering the cost of treatment?

Yes, it covers a lot of things. But it doesn't cover the expense of travel, extra things not covered by insurance like air plane tickets, groceries, gas, or even unexpected expenses like additional child care.

The Jadyn Fred Foundation helps struggling families meet these needs in order to continue years of treatments. They've been able to help almost 80 families so far.

While in Missoula, MT make sure you visit a local favorite spot, Paul's Pancake Parlor.

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