Friday, February 29, 2008

Brigadoon Day

I am so excited that today is Brigadoon Day! This was started by another ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) member. Anyway, she happened to pick my all time favorite Broadway show to model it after.

Why? So glad you asked...

Every 100 years a Scottish village named Brigadoon would descend back to the earth as if it had only slept one night. It would live life unaffected by the outside world. It was a special day to celebrate.

So today, I am taking time out and away. I'm descending to a hidden place in the world to write.
Unaffected by the outside world;-) (Or at least to my best effort.)

See you tomorrow with a lot more words down on the page...

PS On the Mrs. Missoula and Mrs. Montana note...I have a new sponsor. It's Michael Scialabba of Strength Advantage. He'll be physically training me to prepare for the upcoming state and national pageants. I'll post before and after photos:-) I'm also going to do a short sponsor series to tell you all about the wonderful people and businesses in Montana that are supporting me as I race toward a goal!

Angie's Sponsors so far:
Weight Watchers National
Design Air, Inc. Heating
Strength Advantage physical fitness
Casey Gooley of Western States Insurance
Mutual Materials

There are a few more pending;-) Thank you so much to those who have joined me in this fun adventure.
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