Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jewelry Supporting Impoverished Orphans

PAMBA TOTO JEWELRY supports women and children with higher wages, a way to make an income among the impossible circumstances of political oppression, famine, aids, and intense poverty. As Mrs. Missoula America 2008, I have the unique chance to promote something so vital to women around the world. I'm overwhelmed at the possibilities to touch lives.

And that's not all! Pamba Toto jewelry is an amazing mission. The ladies who run this handmade jewelry business offer hope to women needing a way to support their families. Debbie and Colleen combined forces to create spectacular opportunity for others!

The women from Africa, Greece, Thailand (hill tribes), and the Czech Republic make beads, semi-precious stones, and silver. They are paid higher wages for their artisan skills just like the farmers are in Fair Trade Coffee and Tea farms.

Then the clincher? Then 50% of the profits go to support a Kenyan orphanage!

I first found out about this company at Christmas. My son and his new wife gave me a lovely amethyst necklace with a handmade medallion. I'm wearing it here amidst all the hustle and bustle of opening presents :-)

Now I have the honor of owning another piece-well, two really- in a gorgeous pair of earrings from Pamba Toto. I felt like the jewelry is stunning, inexpensive, and high quality. Every time I wear it, I am asked about it. What better way to support third world impoverished women and children than to strike up a conversation just because you wear a favorite trinket?

Look for future posts and photos up close of the children, the jewelry pieces, and the mission :-) I think the ladies doing this special mission have been given an amazing vision and heart for the people of God. Please pop over to their website at and learn all about the story, the fun one of a kind pieces, and the children of the Sanctuary of Hope in Nairobi, Kenya.

I'd encourage all of us to enjoy life while helping others to live more joyfully!
PS We are going to showcase a piece in a drawing at the 2008 Women's Fair on April 19th, 2008. It's being made especially for that event. Stop by our booth (Design Air, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning) for the chance to win! We'll have it on display in the University of Montana UC Ballroom all day. Then pick a winner that night.
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