Thursday, March 20, 2008

Heading Out On A Journey

My family and I are heading to Colorado this weekend.

I will be meeting with all sorts of experts for the Mrs. Montana & Mrs. America pageant. My family will get to play :-) While I learn a new style of make-up, modeling, and presentation techniques. After all these years, I still have things to learn and really look forward to it.

We plan on showing our Japanese exchange son (on a really, really long drive) the rest of Montana, Wyoming, and into Colorado. This way he will have the opportunity to travel a tiny bit while in the U. S. We decided to take him on this business/pleasure trip so he could make some great memories.

It's me and the boys and long hours in the car :-D Hmm, so what did I do?

I ran out and bought a lighter plug in for Lilly (that's my laptop, named by one of my kids for the lavender shoulder bag I carry "her" in all the time.) Then I told the boys to borrow some DVD's and brought out a few books that might entertain teens. Honestly, we're all so exhausted from packing and running around preparing that I bet most of us sleep!

Anyway, I am going to plan to post as soon as I am able to get internet the rest of the week. However, should that become an issue...please look to the right side bar for my labels. I totally use the label system to file away lots of topics of past posts. I hope you'll find something to enjoy or add value to your day just in case I'm not able to post for the next few days.

My plan is to post at the hotels along the route. We shall see how well I planned, lol.

Please have a happy and enlightening Easter. (My favorite holiday because this holiday is why I have faith!)

And I'm sure I'll have lots to tell and teach about my experience with the experts soon.

I would also like to welcome Mutual Materials as one of my sponsors for the Mrs. Montana pageant.

A big thank you to all of you wonderful Missoula businesses:
Mutual Materials (for your spring yard ideas-think a new curvy paved path to your door!) I'm going to feature this business next Thursday, March 27th on FM 104.5 at 8:45 a.m. Montana time. You can listen in on the internet if you aren't right here in Missoula. We'll talk about beautifying your yard for spring:-)
Strength Advantage (for physical fitness training from getting back in shape to competition level like me.)
Design Air, Inc. (for all your heating and air conditioning needs from service to residential new construction or remodel.)
Casey Gooley of Western States Insurance (the best business agent, bar none! She's excellent at her job.)
Weight Watchers (I don't diet! I changed my life style and ended up healthier. That's the Weight Watcher difference to me.)
Mighty Ducts (lower your energy costs long term by sealing your ducts from the inside out!)

Happy Easter!!!
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