Sunday, November 18, 2007

Man, it's snowing outside. Sigh.

So tonight I am making a birthday dinner for 2 close friends of our family. We'll see if I can snap a photo before we cut the cake later:-) In the meantime, I curled up on the couch and finished a really cute book called Hollywood Nobody. It's Young Adult Fiction. Well written, funny, good tension in the story. Not only that, but it leaves lots of room for the next book in a series. Totally enjoyed myself.

And now it's snowing outside. Did I mention I hate snow? I know, that's a strong word, but I really do. A little ironic for a Montana girl, lol. I LOVE Montana!

Okay, so why do I hate snow? It's cold and I get nervous driving on ice. That's it. The nervous part is quite an ordeal. My shoulders tense up and I get a headache. Then I have knots all through my back that have to get rubbed out.

It's very funny that the school wanted me to drive the bus. My husband said, not only no, but NO! Thank you God for a very intelligent hubby:-) The past superintendant was a bit pushy until then, lol. Besided the fact that my husband knows I hate driving on the snow and ice, he just stated a plain fact, "My wife will not be driving a bus."

I thought how cool it could be (because I really like kids) until I realized I'd have to drive year round. Plus what a great schedule for a writer. You can work a couple hours morning and afternoon with a big chunk of time in the middle of the day while your kids are at school. Something to think about if you need part-time work. But not for me.

So it's snowing outside, it's gotten chilly, and the one phrase you will hear from Montanans (whether they like snow or not) is, "We really need the moisure."

If you ever wonder, almost any Montana says this for rain or snow. Try it. It's quite funny and a knee-jerk response. I caught myself saying it today, lol

Even though I hate snow, we really need the moisture:-) Always a bright side to anything. So I curled up today with a good book and a sugar-free peppermint patty latte. (Recipe on the next post or in the Recipe section of this blog.)

Keep warm,
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