Saturday, November 10, 2007

Great Blue Heron

I'd meant to share this fellow much sooner. The Great Blue Heron visits our area from time to time. Usually, there is only one. I saw a heron along our creek one summer. But this guy decided to stake out horse pasture down the road from my house this summer. One of the treats of living in Montana.

He stuck around for quite awhile. I snuck up on him a few times to snap photos. The smartie kept pulling back to the farthest point of the field. This is the best I could do:-)

Because seeing a beautiful bird like this is rare, I felt especially blessed to have the Great Blue Heron be a neighbor for a couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy him too.

One thought struck me...sometimes, we are blessed with a short visit of something special and beautiful. That moment takes us out of our troubles and into fascination or pure joy.

What special and beautiful moment have you experienced lately?

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