Thursday, November 22, 2007

Finding Time

Tonight I spent time learning about my goals. I spent a lot of time researching on the internet. I need a fixed vision in my mind to carry me through the time while I prepare and wait.

I'm taking an online class called Simple-ology that Randy Ingermanson suggested. Sure, there's some silliness in the beginning, but in reality I'm seeing some results. Because I'm making a concerted effort to focus more intently on becoming more effective, I am becoming more effective.

I have no idea if I'll buy the classes after the first free 30 days, but I'm sure willing to keep an open mind.

Is there something you need or want to learn in order to achieve a dream?

What would it look like or feel like if you were to begin that quest for the right education now?

If you've read my blog before, you know I don't suggest education lightly. I don't suggest college specifically either because, to me, these "higher" institutions have become money grubbing businesses that don't provide the real education for most people. Some specific careers like doctor, lawyer, etc. However, I personally feel that people need to discover what they want to do first rather than waste a ton of money for a degree they can't work in after graduation.

Do a Gap Year like in Britain. Take time to travel and discover your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you find some tests to discover innate talents and abilities. Then find the type of education that most closely fits what you want to do with your life.

And that brings me to online classes. Since I am working toward novel/book publication and speaking opportunities, I choose classes that have rhyme and reason toward that goal. I've joined organizations like RWA, ACFW, and Toastmaster's to work on skills to polish my natural talents.

Ask yourself this question: If I could do/be anything, what would bring me the greatest joy to do day in and day out?

Now, go research what it takes to get the answer you just stated. Then write down the steps so you can begin walking toward that goal every day.

Happy Thanksgiving,
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