Monday, November 05, 2007

The Desire for an Education

Okay, so a funny thing happened. I suddenly realized I will be attending a class today. I posted my feelings yesterday about getting an education outside of the standard college box. I'm doing exactly that in the morning.

I've never taken anything on the Access computer program. I'll be in a class for the entire day. I'll be practicing what I preach.

I need the computer program to better serve our customers with our heating company. There are follow up classes available as I need them to expand my knowledge. The program will allow us to create a better data base to communicate reminders, letters, equipment needs etc. to our customer base.

The amount of consumers we serve has outgrown the program we currently use. I need to expand my ability. I grow as my worklife needs dictate. I pay a lot less, and I use the information right away in my daily work life.

What I find is really important professionally is to continually learn and polish my skills.

What classes have you taken that are not college, but are important to your real world work?

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