Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Day Sped By

I really like learning. I guess you could call me a curious person. I also like teaching and serving others. Sometimes the day races past when I'm busy.

Today I had the opportunity to do all three. I sat in a computer class learning how to use the Access program all day. I worked with our new Japanese Exchange son for computer questions and spelling of American words, and made a family dinner. (Family Dinners are a big deal on Monday nights at our house. All the kids come to spend time with us. Friends and extended family come. We could have 6 or 12 or...)

Then of course, I worked in our home office for 4 hours tonight on our heating business. Did a little wedding planning for the rehearsal dinner, washed clothes, did dishes, and learned how to list job openings on Craig's List. I also worked on enrolling my daughter in an online high school to finish her last credits so she can graduate on time since the Thai credits don't count toward her American diploma.

As my Swedish grandma would say, "Ufta!" (Something akin to, oh my goodness."

At the end of the day, my Japanese son mentioned the stars. The day had gone by so quickly that I didn't even realize the stars were out. I walked outside with him and stared up into the sky.

So gorgeous!

He's Buddhist and I'm Christian, yet we both agreed someone bigger had to have made the stars. They were too fabulous to be an accident.

God is revealed in His handiwork.

Take a moment and stare at the stars. Let the day catch up to you.

PS Be watching, I'll be doing several book review/author interview posts over the next few weeks. Quite often, they will have contests to win books! All you'll have to do is leave a comment and a way for me to identify you if you win:-D
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