Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 3 ACFW Conference.

I had the honor of being Chip MacGregor's hostess for his two workshops. He taught on how to go fulltime in the writing business and about contract negotiation. (I'm going to do some more in-depth posts reporting on those and a few others through the next few weeks. Hang with me:-D )

I just had to show you all Tiffany Colter's shoes! I kept admiring them all day. lol. And by the way, she has a new writing coach workshop online.

Here's Margie Lawson, Michelle Sutton, Mindy Obenhaus, and Christy LaShae-Smith prior to the awards banquet.

At the awards, Dan Case, Tracy, Jenness Walker, and Cathy West all posed for my camera:-)

The funny thing about this photo to me is how color coordinated Chip and Ang are...and that my brother's name is also Chip. So growing up, people always called us Chip and Ang. (Very ironic to me.) Chip MacGregor is wearing full formal Scottish regalia. Such a treat to see this tuxedo style honoring his heritage.

Susan May Warren and I have the same taste in pretty dresses!

Nothing is complete without dessert:-D "Oooooh, chocolate!"

And the awards were very special! My friend, blogging partner, and critique buddy did very well.
Jennifer Hudson-Taylor won 2 awards with 2 different books in the Genesis! Just so you know, no one is perfect. Her book title was typoed. It's really called, By His Plan. See the FAITH Girls blog for more:-)

My other critique buddy, Jenness Walker, and her writing partner, Tracy Bowne, win 3rd place in Chick Lit Genesis. Whoohoo!

Okay, this is getting too long:-D I'll post a part II.

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