Friday, September 21, 2007

ACFW Conference Day One :-D

What's it like to attend the American Christian Fiction Writers conference?

In the beginning was...connecting with old friends, blog partners, and new friends. Going to ACFW conference is like being with a bunch of really close friends. We went to dinner and talked excitedly about the conference to come. I had such a good time with Margie Lawson, Mindy, Jill, and Vicki the night before it all started.

Margie Lawson taught the Early Bird session. Wow! My brain spun from all the awesome teaching on her E.D.I.T.S. system and writing skills that will deepen anyone's work. A wonderful class with a fun teacher. I do believe it will make a huge difference in my abilities. (I keep saying, "Pinch me, I'm friends with this fabulous teacher now!"

Even James Scott Bell, our keynote speaker, attended Margie's class. (Psst, he's in the red shirt mid-photo.)

We opened by roasting our lovely ACFW Board members with a hilarious skit. I played Randy Ingermanson, lol. I convinced everyone they needed the Snowflake Method to write their books.

Gina Holmes played Brandilyn Collins

Then from Agent & Editor panels to dinner to the keynote address, we whirled into the full roar of activities.

James Scott Bell had us falling into each other with uproarious laughter! We learned so much just through his passionate presentation. I came away with a sense of purpose to know my story, know my craft, and know the passion of storytelling.

The Late Night Chats offered awesome opportunity to get to know some of the publishers like Thomas Nelson. Colleen Coble sat with me and Natalie Hanemann (an editor from Thomas Nelson) to listen to Allen Arnold. He's the Senior Vice President. He shared an eye-opening presentation on the Seven Myths that can Snare Christian Novelists. Such and inspiring chat!

Here's Allen and Colleen too:-)

Last, but certainly not of lesser value...the traditional chocolate party in Michelle Sutton's room.

Here's a few more fun pics from the chocolate party. Cecilia Dowdy and Tere Campbell munch chocolate with us.

So what is the conference like? Amazing, overwhelming, exhausting, and fun. I feel like attending zooms me forward in my craft growth like taking off in Concord jet. If you've never been, start planning for next year. You will not regret it!

More tomorrow, live, from ACFW 2007.

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