Saturday, August 25, 2007

Through the Years

This was kind of hard to do. All of these photos are from an album that I can't take apart. I am so excited about it that I haven't taken the time to crop yet. As I do, I'll probably reload the photos. But...I had to show you the generational similarities between mothers and daughters.

This is me on the left at 18 yrs old. Then my mom on the right also at 18.

This is my grandma, Maybelle Holmgren Nelson, at 18 yrs old.

And this is my daughter at almost 18.

I feel so lucky to have found all these photos!!! My photo was lost so long ago because my mother took them and no one ever saw them again. It turned up in my grandmother's cache of photo albums. I'd never even seen these photos of my mom and grandma before. They were in the same book.

I'm going to upload a photo of my daughter and crop these today. Hopefully, I'll have this post updated and easier to see shortly.

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