Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tips for a great photo shoot in or out of the water

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Today I'm interviewing our Official ACFW Photographer, Jodie Westfall. I'll show you a few more photos from her work at our photo shoot below the interview. Be sure to book your appointment soon as she'll book up fast!

Angie: Jodie, how did you come to be our Official ACFW Photographer?

Jodie: Last year I was contacted by Colleen Coble, she was interested in a photo shoot for her Girls Write Out blog. I was fortunate enough to meet her, Diann Hunt, Denise Hunter and Kristin Billerbeck! They were so much fun! I spent about an hour with them helping them capture special moments of friendship. I actually had other authors ask about me helping them with publicity photos for their books, business cards and websites. One thing led to another and I stayed very busy photographing different authors while attending the ACFW conference.

When Robin Miller, ACFW President, contacted me this year and asked if I was available for the upcoming conference, I didn't have to think very long about the awesome opportunity -- I accepted!

Angie: My two favorite tips for a great photo is to wear contacts whether you normally do or not because the light is picked up in your eyes. The second one is really important. It's to take a ton of shots because you are looking for that one special shot. You'll probably toss 90-95 % of the others. But the one...it's perfect because it captures your personality and the light in your spirit. What do you think are the most important tips you could give for a successful photo shoot?

Jodie: Photo Shoot Tips --- 1). Bring props that support your writing style -- They add so much to the photo -- for example you reading your book! 2). Relax! I promise it doesn't hurt!! 3). Share your expectations with me -- I'll do my best to capture those moments.

Angie: I have to say you are not only easy to work with, but you do capture special moments. I love your tagline. Will you share it here please?

Jodie: Sure:-) Capturing Life Unscripted Since 1997

Angie: I think that is exactly what Jodie Westfall really does. Could you share how to contact you for the appointments in Dallas in September?

Jodie Westfall

Jodie: Talk to you soon,

Angie: I can't wait, you have become a friend. Thank you so much!

And, thank you for visiting today. Look below for some fun photos from my shoot with Jodie Westfall. Then if you haven't already, go over to http://writingbyfaith.blogspot.com for part 2 of this ACFW series.

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