Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Stage Coach- stage right

She screamed as the stage coach barrelled down on her. The dapple gray team pounded down the hill. She grabbed a fist full of skirt and petticoats. Her laced boots almost didn't carry her fast enough. The lead gray's breath blew down her back as she dove into the grass.

His laughter roared off the top seat as he pulled the team to a halt. "I told ya I wouldn't be late!"

"Joseph Alder! See if I go with you anywhere!"

"Aw Rosie, I wouldn't let 'em run ya over."

She humphed and sat flat down on her backside beside the stream.

Could you see that happening? I came up with a bunch of ideas wandering around the area. My favorite would have to be a bride dressed in Old Western apparel going to the church for her wedding. Then afterward, the bride and groom being taken to the Fairhaven Inn or the Bed & Breakfast for a Honeymoon stay. Watch for the next few days as those old, but working, establishments are unveiled. Tomorrow though, I think you'd better see the church to complete the wedding idea:-) I'd have loved to do an unusual wedding in a place like this...

By the way, the stage coach gives tours all around the area.

The cove is just off the side from the old Brewery. They still make a great beer to serve during the Brewery Follies, an irreverant and hilarious show! Perfect for the Groom's Bachelor Party! Here's a few shots of those folks with my brother, your Virtual Tour Guide, John.

The shows are performed with tons of humor, a little bit off color and bawdy, reminicent of the old bar shows. And if there is someone you have a beef with, want to get even, or know they can take a good ribbing then set them in the front row. Otherwise, be warned that the audience can sometimes play a part, lol. (This show is not for younger children. Note that I suggested it for a Bachelor Party, hint, hint.)

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