Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Last Day of RWA

So sorry for the delay, lovely readers. I lost internet early at the Hyatt Reunion hotel. I had to wait until I came all the way home to Montana for the last day's worth of events. Below you'll find candid photo moments with workshops, luncheon, dinner with the Love Inspired authors, the Rita/Golden Heart Award ceremony, and the lucious dessert banquet afterwards.

Also, I included how you can order audios of the workshops offered at the RWA conference. They still have the favorites from 2006 too. So if you couldn't come, you can still get the excellent education! Do it and boost your future. I did that 2 yrs ago. Then I attended last year and this year. I learned so much from those CD's. I preorder the book of class handouts and take it to the workshops with me. If possible, try to get a copy from the RWA headquarters to go along with your tapes. However, RWA creates a CD of those same worksheets. You could contact them to see if they have any of those left. The postage would be so much less. Anyway, I buy all the MP3 format CD's. I can then take every class I want to right on my computer at my own pace. It's an amazing form of college to me.

Just a quick mention of these enormous luncheons. We are entertained and encouraged by speakers like Lisa Jackson. She is one funny lady!

Michael Hauge teaches on the Hero's Journey and the 20 questions you must ask your characters. His classes were wildly popular. (In case you were wondering, oh yes I really benefitted from his expertise!)

Even published authors came to learn. One of the major factors I admire in published authors is the recognition that they still need to hone their craft. I'm excited to be with people who constantly want to improve their abilities. Being a fly on the wall when they talk amongst themselves is awesome too, lol. Here you see Darlene Buccholtz, Angie, Debby Giusti, Missy Tippin,Lindi Peterson, and Leigh Bale.

I gave up on a latte 4 times today because this line never seemed to get smaller. Can you say coffee fix? By this time, everyone is extremely tired. The workshops, special speakers, and fast pace of the conference is beginning to wind up to the awards banquet tonight for Rita and Golden Heart finalists.

We had a celebration party up in the Antares Restaurant. It sits in the lighted ball above the Hyatt Reunion Hotel. The view is amazing. The restaurant turns slowly while you enjoy a wonderful meal.

The chef's confectionary representation of the Antares Restaurant. How cool is that?

Meet agent Michelle Grajkowski. She was on her way up to dine at the tower restaurant as well. A lovely lady inside and out.

Okay, this could be tough...the 10 authors dining at Antares are...Lindi (Belinda) Peterson, Terri Weldon, Mindy Obenhaus, Missy Tippin, Cheryl Wyatt, Janet Dean, Debby Giusti (man I hope I spelled that right), Darlene Buccholtz, Debra Clopton, & Angie Breidenbach. And did we talk and talk and talk...We had so much fun up there!

Allie Pleiter stopped by to visit at our table. We had so much fun with her all week too. Just look at the past blog on her characterization puppet show:-D

Southwest Chicken and Polenta at the Antares restaurant.

Carla Hughes won the Inspirational Golden Heart:-) This is the contest for unpublished authors. Quite a talented lady!

Hey that's me with those published authors! Lenora Worth and J. Justice.

Kelly Ann Riley (big thank you for your work on the TBL contest!) and her wonderful hubby.

Winnie Griggs and Debra Clopton

Best Inspirational/Tamera Alexander

Tamera Alexander and Karen Schurer (Tamera's very gracious editor.) They both won at the Rita Awards Banquet. The author and the editor are recognized by RWA.

Tamera Alexander and her biggest fan, (her mom) June.

I will probably have other thoughts (and I have tons more photos) that filter through from time to time. Especially in the weeks following as I digest all I experienced and learned at the RWA conference. I hope you will check back often.

Upcoming this week, I'll be starting the Virginia City Players (Opera House in Montana that show melodramas and vaudeville acts) a little later this week. Stop over at the FAITH girls blog next week for the ACFW preview for that conference. It's coming up the 3rd week of September (back in Dallas.)

Additionally, I had a photo shoot done by Jodie Westfall. She's a Dallas based photographer. I'll post some of her favorite shots from the afternoon we spent down at the harbor and in her pool! If you are curious about synchronized swimming, Jodie and I spent a refreshing time getting some of those figures on film for you. I'll have those up in about 2 weeks.

Thank you again for visiting the RWA conference with me. Please feel free to post your experiences, questions, and goals to attend. I am always thrilled to hear from a reader and friend :-D

PS You can order the conference series on MP3 or tapes. The MP3 version is much less expensive. They take your order and then send them to you about 6 weeks later. This is FANTASTIC for catching the classes I needed, but couldn't get to due to sitting in another workshop.

Here's the info to order workshop audio classes...

Bill Stephens Productions
320 Stewart Street
Reno, NV 89502 USA
Office hours M-F 9a-5p
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