Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This little birdy went to market...

After a conference, it takes several days to feel normal again. It's exhausting and exhilerating at the same time. But conference is where many of the relationships are made that end in publication. But maybe we could think beyond that. Beyond the focus of the box we call publication. Beyond that small goal.

When the young bird (above) completes the training, he'll be able to fly. He won't live in a box on a table. He'll have grown adult feathers so that he is capable of doing what was impossible before he was ready. As he soars through the air, the bird has an overview of the world. Right now though, the bird needs a space to absorb. He needs to recoup from all the excitement. His heart races.

Consider your quest for a job, an agent, a spouse, or whatever your dream may be. Ask lots of questions and go to where the experts are to get your answers. Then see the bigger picture of how it will affect your world. This takes ponder time. Time to allow yourself to absorb all you learned and experienced. If at all possible, grant yourself a day off when you get back. Sit still. Rest.

Conference is a place to grow those adult feathers. I encourage everyone to begin attending conferences that cater to your special interest. You'll learn, sure, but you'll form relationships that teach you to fly. Then you can turn around and offer flying lessons to someone else. Recharge, rest, and then you'll be ready to soar.

I hope you will be winging your way to your dreams soon,
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