Saturday, June 09, 2007

Reverse Surprise Party

Today was my birthday. I'm not much of a birthday person. I always feel like a trapped animal with everyone staring at me during birthday parties. But this time, I decided to turn the tables on that weird feeling. So...

I threw a Reverse Surprise Party. I invited a bunch of family and friends. Then I spent 3 days shopping and preparing for the party. Everyone knew they were coming to my birthday barbeque. They even helped by bringing side dishes potluck style.

Then, lol, I had secretly wrapped dozens of presents. None expensive. All picked out specifically with each person in mind. I scoured discount stores for just the right thing. Most of the presents were less than $5. Look below for some of the fun pictures.

As people arrived, they saw a huge cake (marble with fudge frosting and filled with fresh blueberries) flanked by presents all wrapped in the same paper. I had so much fun springing the surprise over and over. I'd say, "Welcome to my reverse surprise party! I bought you presents and I get to give them to you after dinner."

I whipped out my camera. Instead of people taking pictures of me, I took pictures of them. I laughed so hard! Then I spent the evening serving everyone drinks like Italian sodas, XS Energy drinks, rootbeer, etc.

Then I handed out presents, lol, to stunned guests. What a blast! Snap, snap, laugh, snap. Picture after picture of everybody else opening presents.

All the gifts had thought put into them even though they were very affordable. I wanted each person to feel special and loved. I asked that the gifts be opened one at a time so that I could say a little something.

At times, it was quite funny! No one knew what to expect. My husband got both a new swimsuit and carrot cake mix. (Because I never make it for him so now he can make it himself, lol.)

After presents and cake, we went outside for fireworks. I felt like a little kid:-D

The thing I enjoyed most, everyone had a terrific time and I loved on them. This was the very best birthday I've ever had! I think I'm going to have to find ways to do Reverse Surprise Parties more often.

What are the rules to a Reverse Surprise Party? Just that your guests expect to be coming to a party for you and then you turn it into a party for and about them. Way fun!

It's all a choice, you know? I didn't like celebrating my birthday for as long as I can remember. This time, I had a blast because I focused on the people I love instead.

How do you show others that they are a priority?

What unusual party ideas do you have? I'd love to hear them.

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