Sunday, June 10, 2007

He Whispered In My Ear

The other day, I went to lunch with my friend Jean. She's a very special lady. Jean gifted me with a pair of earrings from her daughter, Jenna.

The poignant note on the gift? Jenna died a few years ago in a car accident on her way to church. Jenna is very special to me and to so many here in Montana. Everyone smiled when Jenna was around. You couldn't help it! I miss her.

Here's the odd thing. Several weeks ago, I went looking for a pair of earrings. I don't have many. I'm allergic to most metals. I hoped I might buy some dangling, feminine, fun wires. (They're less reactive in my ears.) Anyway, it was a tiny desire tucked away down in my heart. No one but the Lord knew it. I have so many more pressing matters to desire solutions for than a whimsical wish for a pair of earrings.

God knows the desires of your heart. He wants to bless you with them. He did this for me through this lovely gift. In the process, He wasn't just blessing me with the lilt of a fickle wish. No. God showed me that He cares for even my smallest want, need, or desire.

We've been asked to be faithful in the small things in order to be trusted with larger issues in God's plan. He had just shown me it works both ways. The Lord is faithful in the small things so that we can trust that He will be there for our big worries and problems. That's what God whispered to me through Jean's gift. I trust that if He can be aware of such a small tickle of a wish, and grant it, that He is completely aware of those things my heart is shouting. He will be there in those hard, painful, and overwhelming things because the Lord is very aware of the littlest part of me.

Additionally, Jean reminded me of something I desperately needed to hear. She ministered to me that day. In the pain of her loss, the Lord sent her to me to be His hand of mercy and support. You see, God uses broken vessels.

To Jenna, Jean, and the Lord (who knows all my needs)-Thank you.

A little hard to see, but I'm wearing the earrings in this photo. :-D Whenever I wear them I'll be reminded of Jenna. Also, God does hear and will take care of me.

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