Saturday, May 26, 2007

Horses of Montana

This specialized machinery helps us keep our workload down, lol. Introducing a Montana lawnmower.

This is my horse, Missy, I really call her Miss Piggy:-D And right after is my hubby's horse, Chief. Their favorite grazing is right in our backyard.

Here's Chief and Missy sneaking in the gate to our backyard:-D We had to put special chains and caribeeners on the gate because Chief knows how to open the latch with his lips! For those of you who remember our winter scare, Chief is the fellow that fell on the ice. We almost lost him to subzero weather. We aren't sure he'll ever be able to carry a rider again because the fall injured his back nerves around his hips. The vet has to come and give us a clearance. Either way, he's more like one of our dogs. He comes when he's called, follows us all around, and sneaks off if possible to visit the neighbors-just like our dog Louie! Chief even stares in the neighbor windows to see if they'll bring out treats. They do. Our ponies are sooo spoiled! We're trying to help Chief get healthy again, but he is having a tough time. We are grateful for all the neighbor's treats.

Well, I couldn't help myself. We have horses everywhere here. I thought I'd show you a few gorgeous animals. There's lots of Montana viewing in the process. I am amazed at the blessing of the Lord who lets me live in a place like Montana. (Yes, it does get cold here though.)

This is one of my favorite buddies, Smokey, and his new pal (I haven't heard his name yet.)
Smokey was supposed to be a carriage horse, but he didn't train well, that's why his tail is cropped. His owner rescued him from being put down (I think around 3 yrs. old) and has worked with him to be a family pet. He is able to ride, but the owner isn't up to it anymore. Smokey and Pal love grazing on the side of the mountain and visiting with me when I'm out walking.

These horses live across the road from Smokey and Pal.

There's lots more, but my blog can only hold so much. See you next time with more from the A Tour of Montana.

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