Monday, January 01, 2007

A little bit of Up

In all the craziness of the holidays and mom's illness, I decided I needed a little bit of Up. So I signed on to my writing loops as much as possible. I have to tell you how uplifting my memberships in the American Christian Fiction Writers and the Romance Writers of America (Faith, Hope, and Love chapter) are in my life. The Up comes from how amazing everyone treats everyone else. I'm always uplifted when I go to these loops.

So many of these writers have become great friends, mentors, and supportive people. They give of their time, ideas, and kindness. From Colleen who connected me to Ronda (who helped me with medical issues) to Tricia (who spent lots of time talking about writerly and family things) to Jennifer (always a joy and a great help) to Missy and the gals on the Finish the Book Loop, I have quite a blessed connection to uplifting inspiration. There are so many people that make it worth while to belong to these groups. And sometimes, I get to chime in and be helpful. We all need to take sometimes, but it is important to be able to give back too. It makes us feel useful. The give and take. It's the heart of both of these groups and only with such grace because the Lord is the center. Oh but the grace!

If you've ever thought of joining one of these groups, do it. Why? Because in a short time, you will become more knowledgable and capable of selling your work. In a very short time, you will learn what you need to believe in yourself and the talents God gave you. But in a wisp of a moment, you will find people you trust that will help you grow personally and who will trust you to help them grow too.

To all of you on the RWA and ACFW loops, thank you for being a part of my life. I feel like I've come home.

:-D Angie
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