Wednesday, November 01, 2006

First Day


I'm a new Inspirational Suspense writer. Well, I just found out I wrote suspense when my test reader told me she couldn't sleep after reading the first 3 chapters of my new novel When she Wasn't Looking. So after talking with Colleen Coble & Cara Putnam (they read the first chapter too), I decided to take the plunge. One of my characters is going to die in order to move all the way into the suspense genre. Sigh, it made me cry to plot her murder. I really liked her. Oh well. If she means so much to me then she might also mean that much to my readers. Then, of course, I've invested in the emotional pull with my readers. Which one is it? Who takes the fall for my need to become a suspense writer? Mwahahaha. When She Wasn't Looking is on the final revision. You'll find out soon:-)

What does God Uses Broken Vessels have to do with it? I want to share the message that all of us struggle. It doesn't stop God from using our lives to his glory. In fact, we are more usable because of our experiences than we would have been without them. In all my writing, I will always have a character that isn't perfect. She or he will have been broken in some way and will have to figure out, with God's help, how to live a life of significance with the deck they've been dealt. Isn't that what happens to all of us? We want our lives to mean something, but believe we aren't worthy because of either a huge mistake or an injustice done to us. Beauty out of ashes is the old cliche' that describes messing up and becoming something beautiful anyway. I want to write new stories that help us all realize even though we've messed up, we are more valuable because of that experience. Who can you help if you can't relate? No one. Who can you help if you've walked through the mine field? Any one who needs help across the same field. I'm reaching out from the mistakes and/or injustices I've experienced to guide other folks through a difficult experience in an entertaining manner.


Ps If it's okay with you all, I might mention my cats/dogs/horses or something now and again. But for the most part, I'll most likely keep this to writing, books, ideas-that kind of thing. Who knows where all I'll go:-)
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