Friday, April 19, 2013

Bridger Mountains

View of the Bridger Mountain Range from rural Bozeman, MT

Come visit the beautiful mountains of Montana! The Bridgers are just outside the Bozeman city area and a lovely tourist destination year round. From spring, summer, and fall hiking to winter sports, the Bridgers are a majestic year round playground.

In my new release, A Healing Heart, it was important to me to be true to the setting. I drove around the Bozeman area. I wanted to excite my readers through the descriptions. Bozeman and the Bridger mountain area is a part of some major scenes in healing Mara's heart and the hearts of her children.

When I've spent time in a natural setting, God's power and creativity speak to me. Some of the most important times of prayer have been spent sitting on a log in a mountain clearing. The soul healing that comes from time spent alone with God is amazing. But so is time spent playing and enjoying the earth that God created just to house us. And when I think about the fact God created this planet for us to live in and on? It overwhelms me.

Have you been to the mountains, spent time communing with God, and felt He spoke to your heart?
Do you marvel at the fact God made this planet to be a beautiful home for you?
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