Saturday, March 02, 2013

Green Juice & Smoothie Recipes

Green, the color of March because of spring, St. Patrick's Day, and we start to see the blades of grass poke through the veil of winter. But did you know drinking green juices and smoothies is good for your heart? It's also great for weight loss. The reason? Dark leafy greens are full of magnesium.

My character, Mara Keegan, in A Healing Heart, has to learn a lot about heart health fast after her heart attack. I think this book would be on her kitchen counter. I learned a lot from The Juice Lady's Big Book of Juices & Green Smoothies. I'm really enjoying learning how to juice and about the health aspects associated with juicing. I didn't think I'd enjoy all the green recipes, but I do!!

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I think you will too. One of my favorite articles in this book is on magnesium. I learned magnesium affects over 300 processes in our body. It's crucial for weight loss, bone building, and heart health. Wow!

One thing I wish the author had included? Calorie and nutrient content on each recipe.I don't worry about the veggie recipes, but when the fruit recipes have several fruits the calorie content can be very high. So now I just focus on her green recipes. I need to master those anyway since it's a new element to stewardship of my body.

What new practice are you doing to be a good steward of your body?
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