Wednesday, February 13, 2013

True Love

Please welcome my guest: Pam Hillman
True Love

How much more talk about roses, chocolates, and romantic dinners can we stand? It’s all been said, it’s all been done, over and over and over.
There’s nothing new under the Valentine’s Day sun.
Or is there?
Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the day itself, it’s about the days, weeks, months, and years leading up to the actual day. Seriously, I’ve never known of anyone just popping up on February 14th and presenting a complete stranger with roses, a ring, and a declaration of love.
Love at first sight?
On Valentine’s Day…literally? I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but odds are that any guy who makes a romantic declaration on February 14th has some kind of emotional connection with the girl already. If not, I’d say his motivation is highly suspect.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I like roses just as much as the next girl, and I have nothing against chocolate, so we’re good there. But bear with me…
What is true love? Is it found in roses and fancy dinners?
True love recognizes that when the chips are down, sticking together is all that matters.
True love wipes her tears when the promised promotion falls through.
True love is when she knows he longs to give her the world, but can barely cover the rent for another thirty days.
True love holds her when her heart is breaking over another year gone by without a child.
True love sees her faults and accepts them.
True love listens.
True love remains by his side when he’s old and feeble.
True love gives his heart.
And, yes, a true Valentine might also give roses, chocolates, and a romantic dinner if the mood strikes, but when he’s already given his heart….what else matters?
For a host of true love moments that happen spontaneously, visit Pam’s Seekerville post from yesterday, Things That Make You Go Awwwwww.
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