Friday, February 01, 2013

News! Read All About It!

Hi Friends,

Alerting you that you will see this blog go through a metamorphosis during the next few weeks. I'm hard at work recreating a new version, all cleaned up and fresh, of my website. with new books coming out I needed a more comprehensive and easier to use option for you. In the process, my blog is going to go through some changes as it gets brought under the umbrella of my website. Finally ;)

You'll still be able to read blog posts, but this website style version of of blogger is going to morph into a more professional part of my entire branding and website. I hope you'll enjoy the finished product of a more cohesive spot to connect. But as you've already likely noticed, the additional pages that used to look like tabs have moved to links on the right side. Those pages will blend into my website duplicate pages so there will no longer be, um, duplicates. Whew!

Ultimately, it's going to be smoother for all of us. You'll no longer have to search extra pages and I won't have to update the same info on duplicate pages. I know. I know...novel concept, lol.

So a big thank you for hanging out with me :) I'll keep posting through the changes. When it fully integrates, I'll let you know if there's any change in the following factor so we can keep up our relationship. Other than how it looks, I don't think you'll experience any loss of data or connection.

And if you have any suggestions on something you would like included, please send them my way.

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