Monday, January 28, 2013

How adventurous are you?

Have you ever taken an offer from an airline for free tickets in exchange for your seat? I did today and earned a ticket, a hotel room, and meals. Why not take the deal? 

But an entire plane load didn't. Some had work the next day, some had school, and some didn't feel safe volunteering and changing plans so quickly. I've volunteered before and my seat hasn't been needed. It's something I think about when I travel in order to take advantage of opportunities that come my way.

Two people volunteered their seats. I found a few things in common with the other young woman. But what if you don't know the outcome? We had a possible solution, but not a guaranteed one at the time we volunteered. How adventurous are you?

Angie in an experimental aircraft
Adventurous people tend to have these traits:
*Willing to take a risk
*Quick decision-making skills
*Look for opportunities
*Find humor in the unexpected
*Allow the unknown to unfold
*Thinks of the future benefit
*Trust their abilities to work through to a solution

What about you? Do you have adventurous traits? 
Have you ever wished you'd acted on an opportunity?
What other traits would you add to this list?

Not only did I spend the night, but I'm considering spending the next one as that flight might be oversold too. There are other opportunities that worked out besides a summer flight I already needed to buy. Wonderful friends came to dinner, a business friend and associate was able to meet with me, I spent time relaxing, and there's an entire day pending with two catch up projects I have with me.

When am I going home? Soon, just a tad bit more profitable.

PS Did you notice the countdown widget for the upcoming release of A Healing Heart? I am getting so excited to share it with you!

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