Friday, June 22, 2012

How do you let someone else shine?

Look at me, Mommy!

From birth, I wanted attention. I was an "attention-getter". Laughing here, I think some would say I still am because of my out-going personality. I think I definitely fit that stereotyped box. My parents were tired of hearing "Looky, looky, looky!" But fostering that inborn personality can make a difference if it's pointed outward toward a goal or dream rather than inward at selfish pursuits. And...we have to learn to let others shine too.

But how do you let someone else shine?

This weekend, two of my clients are competing in different categories of the America's Super Miss Pageant
One is in the Classic division, Debra Kubu.

Debra Kubu

 One is a Miss competitor, Bree Herron. 
Bree Herron
This is their weekend to shine out brightly into the world. This particular pageant platform is "Buckle Up" Seatbelt Safety Awareness. (America's Super Miss Pageant exists to help a mom combat the tragedy of a lost daughter who didn't wear her seatbelt.)

Is it all over for me? Absolutely not. But I'm loving how much more powerful my feelings of joy and accomplishment when someone I've coached and supported has the opportunity to sparkle in the world.

Now lest you think this is all fluff and nonsense, pageants, let me share some insights into these women.

One woman is passionate about talking one-on-one with people. Why? It makes a difference when you treat each person as an individual. She goes to appearances and asks people, "Do you wear your seatbelt?" The conversation opens and she begins to share. She saves lives one at a time. She does it because she believes in it. Will she ever know how many people's lives she changed? Nope. How could she? But she does it anyway. I love that about her.

The other younger woman is competing after creating a compelling game. She shares it with younger children in family and classroom settings. Why? She connects really well into that arena. Smiles and simplicity equal fun. And that equals saved lives. Will she ever know how many? Nope. But she's excited anyway.

Both women worked hard. HARD! They've earned this opportunity to shine. They've earned this spot on the stage. It's not about their beauty, though they'll be called beauty queens. It's not about what they get out of it, though they'll receive joy and experience. It's about the opportunity to change and save lives, including their own.

Did you know: Most pageant winners spend much more in time and money than they'll ever get in prizes. Most pageant competitors are passionate about their message and opportunity to change something in the world around them.

How do you let someone else shine? Don't stop them. Don't criticize. Don't discount them because they fit a different box or can't fit in a box you think they should. It's the creativity, different ideas, and risk-takers who change the world.

How do you let someone else shine? 
Share their joy. Learn from their example. Support and encourage those in the throes of competition or challenge. Listen to what they have to offer.

Why do you let someone else shine?

Because their voice might be exactly the one needed. Each voice, each person is unique. Each beautiful soul has a unique circle of influence and reach. 

What if one of these beauty queens talked to your loved one? 
What if one person stopped your son and asked, "Do you wear your seatbelt?" What if one young woman sent home a game from school that caused your whole family to buckle up right before an accident?

This is one simple example. What examples do you have that let someone else shine? Please share and encourage those of us through your sharing.
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