Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Special Discounts

25th day of November and Black Friday? How about a 25%  Black Friday Special Discounts! In honor of the small section of population that would rather make gifts or buy online to avoid the crush and crowds, I'm offering some Black Friday Special Discounts on my website by using simple codes at check out.

So if you would like one of my books, visit and enter the codes: black25 for Gems of Wisdom: For a Treasure-filled Life

black25CCC for Creative Cooking for Colitis ebook

black25CS for Creative Cooking for Simple Elegance ebook

black25CSP for Creative Cooking for Simple Elegance paperback (there are only 5 of these left.)

You'll get a 25% discount off the cover price :) I've added it already so you can go ahead and get a jump on your shopping right now. No crowds, no crush, no traffic. I hope these Black Friday Special Discounts will be helpful to you and keep your holiday time less stressed and rushed.

Do tell me who you are buying it for and I'll autograph the books for you. There's a little message box that should pop up to let you add comments to me. You can always email me or drop a message here on a post and I'll get it too.

Can you tell I don't like going out on Black Friday? How about you?

May your Thanksgiving be full of joy!


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