Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Angry Birds, Bigfoot, and the Little Pigs have something in common

Today I'd like to invite you over to the group blog I've belonged to for five years.

It's fun, uplifting, interesting, and lots of great conversation from 5 different authors, one great God.
We focus on living out our faith in the real world while being writers with faith in our stories. But you will totally find behind-the-scenes stories, gems of wisdom, family issues, women's issues, and more. With 5 of us posting regularly (I'm Wednesday's child), you're sure to find something encouraging, enlightening, educational, and entertaining any day of the week. And today it's my turn to entertain...

theFaithGirls are:
Missy Tippens
Angela Breidenbach (hey, that's me!)
Lindi Peterson
Christy LaShae-Smith
Mindy Obenhaus
With drop in regular, Jennifer Hudson-Taylor too.
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