Friday, June 24, 2011

Duggar Family's New Book A Love That Multiplies Amazon Promotion

Exciting news! Gems of Wisdom has been invited to be a partner with the Duggar family for their new book release, A Love That Multiplies!

The Duggar Family, stars of TLC TV Series 19 Kids and Counting, actually have two books out that allow 50 discount (from 25-75%) or FREE specials with this promotion. So stay tuned as I share more about this amazing opportunity :-)

I have 3 awesome opportunities for you in the Duggar Family promotion on Amazon starting June 28th.

1. Free ebook download of Creative Cooking for Colitis. 
2. 50% off Creative Cooking for Simple Elegance ebook download
3. 50% off my new release, Gems of Wisdom: For a Treasure-filled Life

Their new book entitled A Love That Multiplies will be promoted on Amazon on June 28-30th.

Check out the Duggars website for all of the details. Over 45 partners will be offering up to 75% discounts, free eReports, eBooks, and more.
Remember it all starts on June 28 on Amazon.
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