Monday, March 07, 2011

Yesterday's Tomorrow by Catherine West

Yesterday's Tomorrow is a book that pulled me into the story of Vietnam through Kristin Taylor's eyes. A female war correspondant on a mission to discover the missing elements in her life from spiritual to relational. Ms. West has a powerful sense of place in her writing that envelopes the reader completely into the sights, sounds, and experience of Vietnam and the war from a unique angle. I love the mix of action, adventure, mystery, and romance. In her book, Catherine West has the makings of a great movie because that's exactly what it was in my head as I read it. Bravo! ~Angie Breidenbach

About the book:

Yesterday’s Tomorrow
It’s 1967 and Kristin Taylor wants to go to Vietnam to report on the war, and honor her father’s memory by becoming an award-winning journalist like he was. But no editor will send her. So she strikes out on her own and steps into a world more terrifying than she’d imagined.
As she encounters the horrors of war, Kristin struggles to report the truth while desperately trying to keep tabs on her only brother who enlisted some time ago, but both tasks seem impossible.
When she meets photographer Luke Maddox, Kristin knows she’s found a story. The mystery beneath his brooding eyes triggers her curiosity. She’s convinced he’s hiding something and determines to discover his secrets. The only trouble is, he won’t let her within three feet of him.
In an unexpected twist, Kristin and Luke are forced to work together. With war raging all around them, they engage in their own tumultuous battle of emotions. Headstrong and willing to risk it all for what they believe in, they’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill their own private agendas. Kristin is after a story that might get her the Pulitzer. Luke wants retribution from the enemy that took away his family. In the face of death, Kristin and Luke must decide if they’re willing to set aside selfish ambition for the love that seems to have ambushed them and captured their hearts.

About the author:

For longer than she can remember, Catherine dreamed of being a writer.Blessed with a vivid imagination that sometimes got her into trouble as a child, she began to see her dreams take shape as a young adult when she began writing seriously, and her first few books were birthed.
Educated in Bermuda, England and Canada, Catherine is married, the mother of two almost grown children, and spends her time at home writing, gardening and playing with her Border Collies, one of whom she is training for Agility Competitions. Catherine enjoys an active life in the church and community. She volunteers at Windreach, Bermuda’s Theraputic Riding organization.She and her family live on the beautiful island of Bermuda.
As a writer of Christian romance, she hopes not only to entertain her readers, but also to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ through her books. Catherine is a proud member of American Christian Fiction Writers, and is currently serving as the Beyond the Borders Zone Director.
Catherine is represented by Rachelle Gardner of Wordserve Literary.

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