Thursday, September 09, 2010

Angie's interview on Hope for the Journey

Fun radio interview! I enjoyed talking with Yvonne Ortega on her radio show this past Tuesday. Click on the link or the longer link below to hear the interview in full. Hope for the Journey is a radio show hosted by Yvonne Ortega with the goal of encouraging and bringing hope to women with breast cancer. She often asks guests that are medically related, have a message of hope, or are breast cancer survivors. For me, it was the message of hope.

Yvonne keeps the shows archived. I hope you'll enjoy it. It's a half an hour, but it felt like 3 minutes because Yvonne is so interesting and such a good show host.

Radio show long link: Just click and it will take you to the blogtalk radio page.

I'm just thrilled with the media opportunities our day and age provide! From internet to radio to internet radio. It's amazing!

If you listen in, leave me a comment. I'll do a drawing for your choice of the e-books (in full color) Creative Cooking for Colitis or Creative Cooking for Simple Elegance on Sunday :-)

Be sure to mention something from the show that you think will help someone else.
Also, please give me a way to contact you with your prize, should you be the winner. You can leave your email by breaking it up so the spammers can't read it or by messaging me on facebook too.

My facebook profile is AngelaBreidenbach :-)

Have a terrific week!
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